The Leadership Development Fellowship

2020 – 2022

Join the 4th cohort to begin your journey to lead yourself, lead others and lead change.

Deadline 2: 29/03/2020.

What is the Fellowship?

A globally recognized two-year leadership program (full-time, fully-paid with benefits) to build a pipeline of young leaders from diverse backgrounds for education equality and excellence. You can be part of the solution in fighting education inequity and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged students and communities. You will be placed in high need areas in order to ensure education equity & excellence. The 2 years on the Fellowship will be a challenging yet rewarding journey, during which you will develop transferable skills and gain unique experiences that set you apart in your future career.

“I came to teach, but then I learned.
 I came to give, but then I received.”
Thảo Hoàng (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumni)

Why the Fellowship?

Through being equipped with deep local understanding, skills, and expertise to make positive impacts on students, local teachers, parents, and community; together with a global movement, which has happened in 52 countries around the world, and in 6 countries of Southeast Asia.

What will you get?

Gain direct experience in the education sector

A unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience teaching and problem solving at the grassroots of education.

Grow your personal and professional network

Work alongside highly passionate and outstanding like-minded leaders championing the same vision and mission.

Accelerate your career

Develop a set of strong, transferable skills that apply to any career pathway.

Transform the education system as a TFV Alumni

Be a part of our growing network of Alumni who are working together to transform education for all children.

I remember my boss of my job after my graduation once told me to pick a workplace with the people that I can learn the most from and grow the most with, even when that workplace might be way out of my comfort zone. Teach For Vietnam is the place! Teach For Vietnam is where I came in with bare hands but sure leaving with suitcases full of not only teaching experiences but also companionship and the love from the people I have met, interacted, and got to understand. I stayed because I am curious and greedy and I want to fill more suitcases with memory and experience.

I know the idea of joining Teach For Vietnam might sound exciting and scary at the same time for you because I felt the same way on the day I had to make the decision to accept the job or not. It is the journey with the knowns and the unknowns, and part of human beings survivals, we try to stay away from the unknowns. Never, even in my dream, could I ever imagine that I would become a middle school English teacher, working in public school system, in a province that is not Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. They say dream comes true, in this case even the not-in-the-dream comes true. It’s challenging, it’s difficult, but it worths my time and effort.

Phương Vũ (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumna)

“Together, we are empowered and inspired to do things for education system that we never dream about it before and I’m quite sure that we cannot make it happen if we are alone. Also, what is better than local people appreciate what you did? From the class to school and community, although you cannot have everyone to understand you, I’m quite sure that when you do things with true heart, some and then more people will start to understand. Then you will feel belong to the local community so much.”

Phúc Trần (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumni)


“My two years of fellowship at TFV contained lots of emotions with all kinds of happiness and sadness. Looking back on the journey, I am truly grateful for those valuable experiences, and for both the failures and difficulties that have helped me gain a deeper understanding of reality and sympathize with the teachers and students. I have learned a lot, not only from professional training courses, but also from the community itself, from daily life and work here. The most valuable thing that I always respect and be proud of in TFV is the emotional attachment of the team spirit always ready to support and be present for each other.”

Dương Phạm (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumna)

“I think anyone who chooses to join TFV will have lots of space to do, to fail, to learn, and to rise again here. Without a doubt, our stories will overlap, but we will still have a unique experience with lessons designed specifically for each of us. If I have to name some common threads, however, I think we’ll all learn over and over again compassion for ourselves and for others. We’ll learn to appreciate the little joys around us, and even sadness when it inevitably comes. We’ll discover both our strengths and our limits. I trust that the right lesson will come at the right time. And I sincerely hope that whatever we do as individuals and as an organization, we will continue to do it not from a place of fear, but from a place of love.”
Thảo Hoàng (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumna)

“It’s the connections, the connections that I have found between me and my students, my teammates, teachers, local people, and even with myself. The connection happens when I am fully present in each moment. Then, I can see that my mind is so wide open that I can discover and learn more about myself, the people and life around me. I have a feeling that, at TFV, we hold a space for each other to find a stillness from within that allows us to observe, to absorb, to feel, and to let the experiences we have on our journey fill us up. 

Each experience is a chance for me to reflect on myself, and the self-images that I have created. In my interactions with others, especially in places where the norms and perspectives might clash with what I have known, I realize that many times the conflict is not between me and them. Rather, the conflict comes from the tension between my own mental framings shaped by my past experiences, and my desire to observe, learn, and discover new things.
In the journey to discover, sometimes I need to step out of my comfort zone to learn ways to contemplate and respect the differences. I realize that there is not much difference after all. It seems that ultimately, deep inside, all of us want to love and be loved.
There is a need to balance between loving myself exactly as I am, appreciating all that have made me who I am today, and daring to lean into new discoveries to open my mind and my heart. That is a lesson on balance that I have learned, and hope to continue to practice each day.”
Linh Phạm (2017 – 2019 Cohort Alumna)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to join the Fellowship, you must:
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen
  • Hold at least Bachelor’s degree in any field: minimum GPA: 2.5/4, or 6.5/10(4th year students passing the Assessment center can submit the certificate by August 2020)
  • A track record of leadership and outstanding achievement
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity
  • A strong belief in the potential of every child
  • Humility, appreciation of diversity, respect and empathy for others
  • Determination, resilience, and perseverance in the face of challenges
For English & STEM – Fellowship 2in1 (You will receive English & STEM training during Summer Institute):
  • IELTS from 6.5 (TOEFL 80, CEFR C1, APTIS teacher version or equivalent) with a valid expiry date.
  • Pedagogical Certificate or Certificate of Teaching English such as TKT, TESOL, CELTA
    -> For English Bachelor with Pedagogical training (come from Pedagogy University or Education University): SKIP both requirements.
    -> For English Bachelor without Pedagogical training: SKIP the 1st requirement but are required the 2nd.
    All certificates can be submitted when passing the Assessment Center by Aug 2020
For STEM Fellowship Only:
  • No compulsory to have an English certificate but need to have Pedagogical Certificate from the Ministry of Education & Training’s school or equivalent if study abroad.
  • Graduated in science, technology, pedagogy (math, physics, chemistry, biology), agriculture and forestry, architecture OR have an interest in STEM subjects
  • Basic knowledge of IoT and AI
  • Have operations and maintenance skill
Successful candidates without a certificate will get fee sponsor.
  • We will support the funding of the APTIS Teacher version Exam (alternative international certificate beside IELTS, TOEFL, ..). Exam results are converted to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) Conditions of support: 100% funding support when: You reach the C1 equivalence point 50% funding support: If you do not reach C1, and the next test will cost you.
  • 100% funding for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) issued by the Cambridge English Language Assessment, a division of the University of Cambridge. The certificate is internationally recognized, highly valued and a benchmark of quality.

The Application Process

Your journey through the application process will take approximately 4 weeks.

1. Application (Deadline 2: March 29th, 2020)

Successful candidates who apply for the Fellowship program by this deadline will be invited to early Selection Process with early Acceptance.

2. Selection (Feb – May 2020)

+ Initial Interview (online/offline interview)

+ Assessment Center: You will be invited to attend a full-day assessment at our office, during which you will participate in four distinct sessions: a group disscusion, a mock teaching activity, a role playing activity, and an interview with one of our Selection team members. If you are situated overseas, you may be invited to participate in a virtual assessment centre.

+ Approval: Base on the Assessment Center, candidates will receive the final result within 1 week via email.

3. Summer Institute (June – July 2020)

Designed to equip Fellows with the fundamental skills and competencies necessary to teach and to lead in the classroom (8 weeks).

Fellowship journey: Fellows are officially on board: Aug 2020 – May 2022.

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Deadline 2: 29/03/2020

Admissions Hack:
There are limited slots for the Fellowship Program every year, and so starting early with one’s application is strongly recommended! Once applications for the 2020 – 2022 Fellowship Program open in December 2019, do consider starting an application right away. An early application gives you more time to meet requirements in an unhurried manner and more opportunities to engage in activities designed to further deepen your understanding of the work of a Fellow.

Develop young leaders from diverse backgrounds to build a sutainable ecosystem supporting education.

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