Fellow 1st cohort 2017 - 2019

Tran Quang Phuc

It seems that lots of people talking about education reformation, revolution and so on but not so many of them roll up their sleeves or look for a path to make it happen. I believe “every great change in the world happened because there is someone truly want it, learn it and do his best […]

Nguyen Thi Thu Thao

Thao Nguyen graduated from Foreign Trade University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics. After graduation, she was selected to join the Management Trainee program of a big FMCG firm in Vietnam. After the training period, she worked as a Trade Marketing Assistant to Manager in Beer category. But she quit her job few […]

Pham Thuy Duong

Believing in children as our hope, and education as the golden key for a prosperous and sustainable future, Pham Thuy Duong is greatly motivated by Teach for Viet Nam’s mission, visions and values. Happy to be part of the nice team of like-minded people and with a strong aspiration to serve, Duong is committed to […]

Vo Ngoc Thuy Dung

Dung’s passion for education derives from her educational experience. She herself experienced challenges of an underprivileged student studying English at a small town in a highland of Vietnam and soon recognized that all along this small country still exist students who are in the shoes that she used to be in. She acknowledged how hard […]

Nguyen Thi Van Trang

I always believe in kids’ potential and teachers are people who can help them nurture these positive seeds in their head and their heart. Working as a Fellow for Teach for Viet Nam offers me a chance to find out what my students are good at, or what they care about, or what they like […]