Fellow 5th cohort 2021 - 2023

Le Thi Thu Hien

Major: English Language, University of Foreign Languages Hue “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey Born and raised in a small village in Hue, Hiền deeply understands the disadvantages faced by rural students who lack the opportunities for quality education compared to their urban counterparts. Thus, Hien has been […]

Nguyen Anh Phuong

Major: English Language, University of Hanoi “Be the embodiment of change.” Growing up in the outskirts of Hanoi, education granted me a privilege not every rural child has: the power of choice. I believe that everyone holds boundless potential and the right to live up to that optimal potential. I also believe that nothing can […]

Trinh Ngoc Tram

Major: German Language, University of Hanoi Having had the opportunity to live and study in Hanoi, I realized how fortunate I was to have access to a comprehensive education. Taking a year off to teach students in rural areas, I noticed the limited opportunities these students had compared to their urban counterparts. I believe that […]

Truong Ngoc Ha Linh

Major: Philosophy (Master’s degree, Vanderbilt University), Psychology (Bachelor’s degree, Providence College) I don’t believe I’ve done or learned too much; rather, the process of learning is vast. Sometimes, just listening to other people’s stories, I realize how much I don’t know and there are moments when I find it challenging because perhaps my reservoir of […]

Bui Anh Ngoc

Major: Economics & Human Resource Management – National Economics University “Teachers are the ones who receive the most from lessons; true teachers are also learners.” Having had the chance to experience and engage in education both in rural and urban settings, I sense a profound hope in education—a place where children discover themselves, yet also […]