Fellow 6th cohort 2022 - 2024

Nguyen Thi Thao Tram

Honestly, I’m unsure how challenging the upcoming two years will be. However, I will strive to improve and develop myself further, not just for me but for the carefree students with many dreams. I hope that myself and my teammates will always love and accompany each other on this journey to bring equitable education to […]

Tran Thi Linh

Becoming an educator might have been the least expected, yet it feels the most right at this moment. Throughout each journey leading up to this point, I’ve been fortunate to have teachers who supported and guided me. From someone who was always hesitant and insecure, I transformed into someone who believes in their potential to […]

Huynh Ngoc Thanh Binh

To me, a teacher is someone who always prioritizes students’ needs. This journey aligns with my path. There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching in the mountains, seeing students go to school, and being welcomed by the community. Ultimately, there’s nothing more valuable than visiting students’ homes and being treated a chicken for dinner. This happiness […]

Vu Thuy Hang

I aim to be a teacher who helps bridge the gap between school and life for my students. I want lessons not only confined to textbooks but also to nurture curiosity and confidence in exploring the world. This is a lengthy and challenging journey. I’ve had many doubts before setting foot on this path, but […]

Nguyen Van Thau

For me, a leader is someone who leads the way for others. Therefore, a Fellow will pave the way both in the classroom and outside. In the classroom, I’ll introduce new teaching methods and activities to aid students in more effective learning. Outside the classroom, I’ll initiate projects and rally community involvement.