Growing up in a poor farming family in a small village, Thuyet understands the feelings of those disadvantaged, often deprived of access to quality education. She pursued a degree in Chemistry Education at Can Tho University with financial support from the government. After graduation, Thuyet became a chemistry teacher in Vinh Chau, her hometown in Soc Trang province. She was selected for a 5-day training scholarship in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, in STEM subjects in 2015 and in environmental, energy, and sustainability fields in San Diego, USA, in 2016. She genuinely believes in the powerful impact of education on someone’s life. Therefore, she desires to do something for children who lack opportunities like she did, helping them acquire what’s necessary to grow and build the lives they always dream of. With Teach For Viet Nam, she takes pride in contributing her part to bring forth an excellent and equitable education for every child in the country.

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Với mỗi 300.000đ bạn sẽ giúp 1 em học sinh ở vùng biên giới, khó khăn được học tiếng Anh, STEM và Giáo dục khởi nghiệp trong 1 tháng

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