Major: Brand management University: Thuong Mai University After graduating from college, I started working in a non-profit organization named Books and Actions. Therefore I had the opportunity to accompany and listen to the sharing of high school students. I found out that not only high school students but also many young people are still confused about understanding themselves and not knowing what to do with their future, in other words, they are lost. They need listening, empathy, and guidance a lot, and to be a teacher is the best way to help them. For me, education is not limited to schools or classrooms, but you can do it anywhere, and good teachers should elicit and build on their students’ insights, show students a path and have them go on their own. In June 2020, I came to know TFV, I think the universe brought me here. This is a starting point for the journey of personal discovery and understanding more about education. 2 years is not too long, but I am sure it will be an exciting experience for myself on this path.

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