Thanks to my parents, who always consider education as the priority, I have given many chances to not only pursue my academic career but also explore myself in different ways. I kept having a try on various fields till the day becoming a volunteer English tutor in a non-profit organization, where I had many valuable chances to work with children and teenagers, who have difficult diverse backgrounds and could not go to school as other peers. Two years in this position truly helps me realize the value of education as well as the impact of education on society. Education can definitely help every children find out their own potential no matter what their background is. Therefore, after graduating Master in Law from City University of London and having experience as a legal assistant, I decided to join Teach For Viet Nam. I strongly believe that together with the other fellows, we could bring equal opportunity in education to all children in Vietnam.

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Với mỗi 300.000đ bạn sẽ giúp 1 em học sinh ở vùng biên giới, khó khăn được học tiếng Anh, STEM và Giáo dục khởi nghiệp trong 1 tháng

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