Frequently Asked Questions about the Fellowship

Not only participating in all the work of a teacher, the LDF program also allows you to become leaders in schools & communities – build relationships with teachers & principals and initiate and implement projects to develop education in local schools and surrounding networks.

No, not at all! A great deal of our Fellows come from backgrounds outside of Education, and most of them had no prior teaching experience. During our training programmes, we empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in front of the classroom.
We recruit people with strong leadership potential to ensure that we maximise our Fellows’ impact in the classroom. However, you can exercise leadership potential without having been the leader of a group per se. Have a look at What we Look For to understand more.

Yes, you can input the diploma on August 2021 if you successfully become a Fellow.

No, unfortunately not. All Fellow’s placement locations are determined by the Ministry of Education based on vacancies within the government education system, and Teach For Vietnam has little to no influence over the decision. Upon accepting your offer, we ask for you to be ready for placement anywhere in province where we are operating at. Throughout our application process, our recruiters are always happy to share previous experiences from our Fellows and Alumni who had to move far away from home.
No, you don’t need to be in Vietnam to start your application. All stages up until the Assessment Centre can be conducted online. However, you would need to be in Ho Chi Minh city for Assessment Centre, and the final opportunity is usually in late June. Contact [email protected] if you would like us to advise you.
No, that is not possible. The 2-year commitment is essential for one’s leadership development journey, and developing a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by students in their schools and communities. Full commitment is crucial in order to develop the conviction and insight necessary to become lifelong leaders in the pursuit of educational opportunity for all.
Teach For Vietnam Fellows will start their journey with about 2 months of skills training, including 2 stages: phase 1 with experts and Teach For Vietnam team, and phase 2: practice teaching with students & with observation from expert.
The training program includes 3 areas:

– Specialization: subject training, teaching plan, student psychology, and other requirements necessary for teachers to be certified teaching.

– Leadership skills: organizing, problem solving, project management, inspiring, approaching and implementing strategies, etc.

– Development models of Teach For Vietnam and Teach For All: strategic orientation, vision and mission, and change hypothesis framework (Theory of Problem – TOP, and Theory of Change – TOC).

Each fellow will have a mentor as the program manager and the person responsible for guiding the fellow to become effective teachers and leaders over the course of 2 years. Teach For Vietnam also organizes training programs, skills training with experts.

Let’s co-create a sustainable education ecosystem!

Deadline 02: 15/05/2020

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