Our International Civic Engagement Program program will give you the experience and exposure in the fields of social and startup entrepreneurship, education research, and non-profit organization management. Expect to work in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment and do your part in improving Vietnam’s system of education. What we need is someone who can become a bridge from the school to the organization or from network to network.
It is important for us to note from the very beginning that as a not-for-profit organization, Teach For Vietnam only offers lunches, accommodation (Teach For Vietnam’s house) and a small amount of stipend: 2,000,000 vnd/ month. We do not cover airfare. The minimum length of stay for a non-Vietnamese participant is 3 months.



While our International Civic Engagement Program is designed primarily for undergraduates, we also accommodate individuals with various work and academic credentials. Experienced professionals and graduate school students are welcome to apply to our Civic Engagement program. Teach For Vietnam believes that qualified, motivated, and committed individuals of different collegiate or professional backgrounds should have the chance to further our movement.

Your major of study and experience do not preclude you from this program. As with our Fellowship, we will gladly accept applicants from various fields, so long as the applicants are deemed qualified and can work with us for 3 months or longer.


  • Job Description:

    – Leading projects or initiatives under the guidance of manager/mentor. Projects may include market research, building Campaign Leader portal, creating new recruitment/ marketing materials, promoting TFV’s recruitment, etc.

    – Event organizing: Ensuring logistics and plans are in place to execute the vision for various events completing tasks such as:

    – Assisting with planning and organizing activities

    – Coordinating volunteers

    – Managing pre event materials

    – Supporting the leadership development program for fellows after recruitment

    – Doing research about Funding landscape; especially multilateral/foundation funds, or wealthy people who have strong support for philanthropic activities

    – Assisting in planning and organizing some projects such as fundraising campaign, or brand awareness

    – Brainstorming and preparing some marketing materials

    – Other stuffs assigned by Founder and Talent Acquisition Manager


    – Strong organizational and communication skills

    – Analytical skills

    – Interpersonal skills

    – Process-driven and love for learning and operating within multiple contexts and situations

    – Ability to prioritize and juggle multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment

    – Accountable and attention to detail

    – Computer literacy


1. Teaching partner in TFV fellows’ classrooms

Job Description:

– Brainstorm with fellows on lesson plan with focus on interactive English learning experience to boost student’s language learning/ co-ordinate specific areas of teaching support once you have the right level of experience.

– Work in the class to ensure the students engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson or activity;

– Support the social and emotional development of students, reporting any issues as necessary; manage challenging pupil behavior; guide and monitor pupil progress;

– Help with extracurricular activities to cultivate an English learning culture at Tay Ninh public school

2. Project coordinator in TFV Center for Education Excellence

Job Description:

– Design English and skill development lessons for variety of stakeholders in Tay Ninh community (students, parents, teachers, government officials, corporate employees…)

– Coordinate with TFV fellows and staff to host community development projects

Requirements (for both)

– Native command of English

– Strong interest in education

– Preferable teaching experience/ facilitation skills and experience working with children/ young learners before

– Patient, non – judgmental attitude

– Strong interpersonal and communication skills

– Process-driven and love for learning and operating within multiple contexts and situations

– Ability to prioritize and juggle multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment

– Accountable and attention to detail

– Computer literacy

Working hours

Full-time: 40 hours/ week. Working hours are typically during the school day, mainly Monday to Friday, however, working at weekend may be expected. You may be required to work early mornings or after school if you are supporting extra curricular activities. In addition to your hours of work, you may need to attend training days or parents’ meetings, as appropriate to your role. Some schools run activities over the summer that you could get involved in.


Job Description: 

According to your background and experience, your scope of work will be: 

  • Develop web apps or mobile app, apply new edtech tools and techniques to improve teaching performance.

  • Develop applications to check, measure and visualize teaching performance.

  • Develop e-learning platform to support distribute new teaching methods and knowledge to community.

  • Lead or help to develop web apps or mobile apps to support different function: Marketing team, Recruitment team and Fund Raising team.

  • Lead or help to improve and maintenance current systems.




  • Experienced with WordPress, PHP and Apache server.   

  • Experienced with Python and Django is an advantage.

  • Have knowledge of JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular or React.

  • Experienced with MySQL or SQL Server (DB Design, Stored Procedure, Query Optimization, and Indexing).

  • Having knowledge about Mongo DB or other NoSQL database is an advantage.

  • Experienced with Microsoft Project, Visio or other project management tools is an advantage.

  • Having experiences about Tableau, Power BI or Data studio is an advantage.


I want my work to make a positive difference in the world we live in.

“I want my work to make a positive difference in the world we live in. It is in that spirit that I joined the School if Business and Economics at Maastricht University, which offers a specialisation on Emerging Markets. Now, in the context of my third year, I am required to do an internship in an emerging economy.

After I heard of Teach For Vietnam, my application quickly was sent, and one thing leading to another, I was accepted as an intern at Teach For Vietnam.
I believe that the mix of developed and developing countries know-hows and knowledge can create positive synergies and lead to a very beneficial outcome.

It’s been my honor and my pleasure to help the team and fellows to be all set for the journey to education and improve everything in Vietnam. “

Guillaume DALLEMAGNE , a senior student from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. He came from Belgium and he spent 5 months as a Marketing & Recruitment Intern with Teach For Vietnam.



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