Accompany and join TFV members to realize the dream “By 2050, all Vietnamese children will enjoy an excellent education”.

Coordinate and mobilize a range of resources from stakeholders to advocate for change to current educational environment towards an ecosystem that supports sustainable education in Tay Ninh and other provinces.

Promote the status, influence and image of TFV in the local community and the education sector

Job description

  1. Community Engagement and Development (80% of working time)

– Understand the collective leadership and theory of change of TFV in Community Engagement;

– Understand the direction and strategy of TFV development based on the Logic Model

– Participate in strategic planning for integrating resources from the community, local government, and especially talents, to support the implementation of TFV strategies based on short, medium and long-term objectives.

– Prepare plans and report the results of work on a regular basis

– Participate in regular and exceptional meetings with the Core team to discuss and coordinate the general operations of TFV.

– Work with local authorities, local education, school leaders, national and international organizations, Teach For Vietnam’s partners) across all areas of the organization (legal, project development, monitoring, connecting TFV and the local government, connecting education and community) from:

  • TFV’s initiatives regarding the development of local human resources
  • Fellowship program
  • Community Engagement Program (parents, locality)
  • Foreigners Affair


Study the international and national trends in human resource development and education;

Study the medium and long-term socio-economic and education development, consult on local expectations, objectives and annual needs;

Collaborate with other departments to plan and develop TFV’s partnership and development programs;

Schedule and coordinate activities among stakeholders;

Coordinate to handle problems arising in cooperation and implementation between the TFV with parties, especially with the leaders and specialists of Provincial Department of Education, the district Department of Education.

Be focal point to coordinate the foreigner affairs (logistics, procedures for international experts, trainees, volunteers);

Liaise with Recruitment Department and Training Department to understand to personnel situation and training program;

  1. Coordinating the TFV News website

– Participate in the development of website using KPIs

– Receive and Manage Members (Editors and Translators)

– Coordinate translation activities using KPIs

– Prepare report on the results of activities

  1. Coordinate and support the Training, Fundraising and Development, Recruitment and Marketing, IT

– Participate in the development of evaluation system and tools to measure the quality and impact of TFV on the community

– Participate in search and referral for talented candidates for

– Support fundraising campaigns, marketing and fellowship recruitment


Bachelor’s Degree (regardless of occupation)

Good writing skills in Vietnamese and English

Passion for community development and commitment to serving the community

Good teamwork and communication skills in a multicultural environment

Effective time management skills

Critical thinking

No prejudice, politically, religiously or partisanly

Clear mindsets and dare to defend righteousness as a minority