• Full Time
  • HCM & Tay Ninh
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Employment Type: Full-Time – Travel back & forth between HCMC & Tây Ninh Province

Start date: As soon as possible

Report to: Director of Training and Support

Mission: The Leadership Development Officer (LDO) supports and coaches Fellows throughout their two years on the Fellowship. LDOs are recognised as heavily influencing the quality of the Fellowship experience in teaching and leadership development, partnering with Fellows to help them set and achieve ambitious goals for self development and student impact. LDOs work with their regional teams, as well as other functions of Teach For Vietnam and the wider stakeholder community to connect Fellows to further development opportunities, to increase the impact on their students and work towards seeing the mission fulfilled.


Duties and Responsibilities

Set Big Goals

  • Support and coach Fellows in developing their vision and ambitious goals for their student impact in the 3AIMs (Achievement, Access and Affect)
  • Support and coach Fellows in developing their vision and ambitious goals for their leadership development over the 2 years

Invest in Team & Stakeholders

  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence, trust, effective relationship-building and team work with all our colleagues, including Fellows
  • Foster strong relationships with all members of the educational community and act as catalysts and conduits for new partnerships and initiatives
  • Work with Fellows and our teams (LDOs, regional) to identify challenges and solutions both within and outside of the classroom, considering the impact on student and Fellow learning
  • Work with the Research, Design and Impact team and wider stakeholders including Principals, Ministry Coaches, University Providers and School-based Mentors to identify and apply best practice in pedagogical support, adult facilitation and learning theory, to accelerate Fellows’ impact in the classroom

Plan Purposefully & Execute Effectively

  • Work with Fellows and their team to deliver effective support including long-term strategic planning of priorities, weekly regional team meetings to reflect and plan opportunities for further Fellow development
  • Designing effective Fellow support/ development plans and scheduling effective interactions with Fellows including coaching 1-1s, classrooms observations & feedback, and collaborative meetings between Fellows, School-Based Mentors and wider stakeholders (e.g. Ministerial Coaches, network partners etc.)
  • Plan and conduct workshops for best practice sharing and ongoing professional development training that aligns with Teach for Vietnam’s curriculum’s Scope and Sequence
  • Effectively collaborating across Teach for Vietnam Functions and wider stakeholders
  • Regular interactions with the Senior LDO/Associate Director Leadership Development to reflect on progress towards goals, continuous professional development and effectiveness as a team

Continually Increase Effectiveness

  • Invest in continuous professional development and considers ways to continuously improve the effectiveness of the LD team, Programme team and Teach For Vietnam as a whole
  • Collaborating with other LDOs to share best practices that can enhance the support all Fellows
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving when collaborating with Fellows, LD, Programme team and Teach For Vietnam
  • Identifying trends and opportunities for further development in the short, medium and longterm


Required Competencies

  • ‘Growth mind set’ for self and others – a belief that with continuous reflective practice and effort, all can improve and progress
  • Ability to work with humility, respect and empathy; seeking to understand and gather
    information objectively before making decisions and demonstrate positivity
  • Ability to build and maintain strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders:
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence, trust, effective relationship-building and team work
  • Ability to develop coaching practice which empowers and develops leaders
  • Ability to support others in setting their vision, goals and plans for execution
  • Ability to analyse problems and work with others positively towards solutions
  • Ability to be proactive in identifying Fellows needs, determine potential strategies to
    actively support development and empower Fellows in their actions
  • Ability to personalise and critical thought into ideas for the group
  • Ability to develop adult facilitation skills and recognise the intricacies of developing adult leaders
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong planning and organising skills
  • Ability to reflect and articulate their own strengths and weaknesses and invest in own leadership
  • Ability to surface conflicting ideas professionally and responsibly

Previous Experiences

  • Strong experience in teaching/ designing English curriculum for at least 2 years
  • Proven record of success in supporting others in achieving ambitious goals
  • Creativity in identifying solutions/strategies
  • Previous experience of 1-1 coaching or developing leaders

Due to the high number of applicants, we can only answer to successful candidates.  Thank you for your understanding.