The Leadership Development Fellowship (LDF) by Teach For Vietnam is a globally recognized leadership program in two years to develop a pipeline of leaders from diverse backgrounds for building an ecosystem for education equity and excellence.

Type: Full-time, fully-paid     Working location: Tây Ninh province      Find out more about our Fellows  HERE





Through being equipped with deep local understanding, skills, and expertise to make positive impacts on students, local teachers, parents, and community; together with a global movement, which has happened in 48 countries around the world, and in 6 countries of Southeast Asia.

The highlight of the STEM Fellowship is a combination of teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and integration with the mindset of Design Thinking known as Design for Change. It aims to design holistic approaches addressing the challenges in the nation including tourism and agriculture field.


Become full-time, fully paid official English & STEM teacher to equip students with critical skills to succeed in the 21st century through fun, hands-on experiments and operating STEM clubs, being makers in Fablab, participating in start-up club, and implementing projects.


Build close relationship with local teachers & principals; initiate and implement projects for educational development in local schools and network.


Actively engage local communities to act towards positive changes with projects that support sustainable development and community development.



Change- maker who wants to experience a globally recognized two-year full-time fellowship with these sets of mind:
#personaldevelopment #changemaker #challengeseeker #teachertobe


  • Vietnamese Citizen
  • Bachelor’s Degree in ANY discipline or proof of completing Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5/4, or 7.0/10
  • Being passionate about teaching
  • Proactive & can-do attitude
  • Strong communication skill
  • A commitment to Teach For Vietnam’s Vision and Mission, and alignment with our Core Values

For English Fellow:

  • Fluent English (preferable: IELTS from 7.0, TOEFL from 90, or equivalent). You need to submit an English certificate unless you studied full-time in English speaking countries for at least 1 year. Candidates without a certificate will be tested. 



  • A track record of leadership and outstanding achievement
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity
  • A strong belief in the potential of every child
  • Humility, appreciation of diversity, respect and empathy for others
  • Determination, resilience, and perseverance in the face of challenges

For STEM Fellows: 

    •  Graduated in science, technology, pedagogy (math, physics, chemistry, biology), agriculture and forestry, architecture OR have interest in STEM subjects
    • Basic knowledge of IoT and AI
    • Good command of English to do research and field trips abroad
    • Have operations and maintenance skill


In order to fully engage in the Fellowship Journey, you will get our full supporting framework


Housing & Transportation
We will support Housing & Transportation (Bus, Train or Air ticket) for potential candidates from other areas of Vietnam to join the Assessment center in HCMC.
Training Institute (6-8 weeks)
All incoming fellows will attend Training Institute (6-8 weeks) before they begin teaching. Your housing and one -way travelling to Institute expenses are covered. You will also receive a training stipend and lunch allowance during the Institute.


Compensation 8 million VND net/ month: Basic living cost in Tay Ninh is 1/2 to Ho Chi Minh
As a full-time fellow, you will receive a competitive salary of 8 million VND net/ month and entitled to benefits of Social, Health & Unemployment Insurance.  
Especially, you will experience a meaningful career by living a local lifestyle in Tay Ninh, where the project is currently based. You will work with people of diverse backgrounds, to lean on and strive for the best together. Moreover, you’ll likely spend less for rent and other expenses.
Constant learning opportunities
You will have a chance to leverage your leadership and pedagogy skills such as basic Teaching methodology, Classroom management, Design thinking through Leading Change Projects or Teach For Vietnam’s Projects and scholarships abroad.
Moreover, we also support fee for Accreditation to become qualified teachers: TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test, Cambridge English Certificate) or Certificate from Microsoft Education Program (a learning path for the educator who has little or no experience using technology in the classroom)


Teach For Vietnam staff member
After 02 years as teacher-leader, you can join Teach For Vietnam or projects to make a long-term impact on systemic changes to diverse sectors.
Inspiring Social Innovators
Fast-track your career as a social intra/entre-preneur to empower change and innovation for community.
Graduate students or valuable employee with strong leadership experience
As a fellow of Teach For All network, you will be recognized as a strong candidate by world’s top universities, such as: Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins. Moreover, you may be eligible to apply for graduate school admissions stipends and scholarships.


If you are a working professional or a graduate with strong leadership, great communication, and a passion to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s future leaders, we want you!

Jan 31, 2019

Application form

  • Deadline: Jan 31, 2019
  • Successful candidates who apply by this deadline will be invited to early selection process with early acceptance.
  • Recruitment is on rolling basis.

During Feb-Mar 2019

Initial interview

Get to know more about candidates’ backgrounds & working expectations if it was not clearly stated in the application form. The interview approach would be flexible.

Assessment Center

Candidates who pass the screening round are invited to the Assessment Center (AC).

The AC consists of individual tests & group work.

Final Round

Candidates who successfully complete the AC are invited to the final round.

The final round consists of mock teaching and individual interviews.


Based on the Final Round, candidates will receive final acceptance or rejection.

June 2019

Summer Institute

The summer institute is a 6-8-week intensive training program to prepare Fellows for their journey. During the practicum, Fellows are divided into groups to co-teach different grade levels of students in summer classes. The intention of the summer institute is to prepare Fellows with the basics for the first weeks of school.


Phát triển lãnh đạo trẻ từ nhiều lĩnh vực cùng kiến tạo một hệ sinh thái hỗ trợ giáo dục.

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