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Teaching has always been Trang’s most desirable job ever since her childhood. Majoring in English Teacher Education at Can Tho University, she became a teacher at a language center after graduation. Trang chose education as the way to benefit as many children as she can, Trang strongly believes in the great potential of every child and the impact of excellent education on their lives. With Teach For Vietnam, she now has no doubt that her work would make positive changes to others, and her life becomes much more meaningful. Being highly motivated by Teach For Vietnam’s mission, visions, and values, she also feels grateful to be surrounded by nice, compatible and inspiring people who make her feel like a part of this family. Outside of work, she loves cats, reading and cycling.

Graduated with international economic bachelor degree from Foreign Trade University, Nhật Anh started working as a Personal Assistant to General Manager in a five-star resort. She also ran a charitable restaurant to provide home and tuition for street children around Phu Quoc island in 2 years. Working with both upper class and laboring class at the same time, she soon saw inequality in several aspects of society. However, Nhật Anh found education inequality the most intolerable which led to her decision of joining Teach For Vietnam, after attaining TESOL certificate (accredited by Fort Hays State University, U.S).

“I want to live, to learn, and to play with children every single day. I believe that everybody has their own story and my students will be able to tell their stories, inspiringly and proudly”.

Growing up in a working-class family in the central of Vietnam, Tho always feels thankful for her parents’ decision to send her to school. She then became a teacher of English at the age of 21. With a Bachelor’s degree in English for Business (University of Finance and Marketing), she had never planned to be a teacher but teaching came to her at a very first step of her career path. She loves teaching as seeing the process of young people starting to become aware of their full potential is extremely rewarding. She believes that by joining Teach For Vietnam Fellowship, she will be equipped with knowledge and skills to proudly contribute to the vision of excellent education for all children in Vietnam.

MA in Arts Administration, Goldsmiths, University of London;

Chevening scholarship awarded by UK Government, 2015;

Former co-owner & general manager of Hanoi Grapevine, a not-for-profit website promoting arts and culture in Vietnam and supporting independent artists;

Shifting her career from arts to education, Mien hopes to give underprivileged children alternative ways of thinking so that they understand life often provides more than just one option on how one lives it.

Nhu has the strong belief that education has the strongest power to change the world and make it a better place for humankind. She has been working for AIESEC – an international association for almost 5 years. After graduating from University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam National University with Bachelor of Arts, she continues working in AIESEC in Vietnam as the Vice President of Social Projects. From here, she had the chance to work with other non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations, especially education organizations, and learn from them the vision of a peaceful and developed world, which has contributed to the foundation of her belief. Therefore, she dreams to be a part of the movement changing the community and the world she is living in and supports other kids to complete their dream as well. She decided to join Teach for Vietnam to bring quality education to every single child in Vietnam because she knows every child has equal potential and opportunities to grow and to build the world.

A graduate, majoring in New Media at the Communication University of China, wanted to see the world with her own eyes after being exposed to a diversity of cultures and beliefs, Thảo decided to embark on an odyssey. When she was working on an educational project in Ecuador, a question of why she was not doing something like this in her home country struck her. Joining Teach For Vietnam, she wants to become a “great teacher”, understanding that it is a constant struggle to always improve.

“I’m a common girl with common thoughts and I’ve led a common life. There are no monument dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’m gonna live a life full of adventures with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.”

I graduated from Foreign Trade University majoring in International Trade. However, I found myself passionate about education and working with children during my last year at university and then started my career as a teacher. I worked at a bilingual preschool as curriculum coordinator and head teacher of a toddler class. 1.5 years there not only confirmed my calling to work for education reform but also helped me realize that I want to do something for those who are left behind. Therefore, I decided to join Teach For Vietnam, where I have chances to both continue teaching and work with communities in difficulties. Besides time for students, making lesson plans or thinking about making lesson plans, I enjoyed playing with colors, diving in music, reading book sometimes or just doing nothing among trees, sky and me. As a teacher, I’m seeking for growth. As a human, I’m seeking for balance.

Graduated from University of Economics HCM with a Bachelor‘s Degree in Banking & Finance, I had worked at a foreign bank in Corporate Loan Department for over six years. Even though I could acquire enormous valuable banking experience and promising opportunities for my future career from this job, I found that it was not the job I could spend whole of my life on. I am looking for the meaningful job that I could contribute my knowledge and effort to help people happy and enjoy their lives.

I am tremendously inspired by the meaningful long term vision of Teach For Vietnam that all Vietnamese children will obtain an outstanding education in 2050. I am highly aware of the fact that many children in Vietnam are lack of learning opportunities and are not encouraged to reach their full potential. Therefore, I would like to become a member of Teach For Vietnam to spread the belief that every child has potential to succeed and no child is left behind.

In 2017, graduating from the faculty of International Relations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, I realized that I have been extremely passionate about children education. Although experiencing being an English teaching assistant and teacher for a few years, I was struggling to understand the insight of an equal, excellent education.

In 2018, after making huge efforts to seek an educational project, I decided to be a part of an education project in Makassar, Indonesia. I taught the privileged kids in a kindergarten for 7 weeks. There I learned a lot about STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art, and maths). Traveling to some rural villages of Sulawesi island, I realized the huge gap in approaching an excellent education among the kids is not only existing in Vietnam but also over the world.

My desire for nurturing the kids in terms of facilitating their potential and pursuing their dreams fiercely arose. Then, I kept looking for an educational non-profit organization in Vietnam with that mission. Fortunately, Teach For Vietnam appeared to shine my destination, giving me a sense of possibility. At this moment, I am so blissful to work with Teach For Vietnam staff and fellows as well to raise and deal with our concerns about education quality.

Born and grown up in Hanoi, I soon had a chance to join voluntary work to teach English for poor children in the middle of the Red River since I was 16. Since then, the interest and desire of playing a part in helping to make life better for the poor people and the underprivileged children grow bigger and bigger in me. That why I chose to do Social work as my major with hope as Mr. Howard Zinn once says: “ Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”. The experiences of working and participation in the NGOs, Government organization, foreign-invested company in Vietnam provide me with the understanding of the current situation of the Vietnam society. Participating in Teach For Vietnam Fellowship programs, I not only can learn new knowledge, approach new methods in education but also share my experiences to build my community. Therefore, I strongly believe in a huge impact of this program to our community.

I had almost 4 years of experience working as an English Tutor since I was in university. After graduating from Foreign Trade University, I had nearly 2 years of experience in both educational and business sectors. Eventually, I realized that teaching is a hugely impactful career path which I long to follow.

There’s a conversation haunting me for long:

“- Do you want to go to school with us, kids?

– Go to school? Study? Oh, can it help me have rice or food? No, we have to help my parents with farming. And when growing older, my parents will help me to get married, it’s all my life.”

This story happened in one of my field trips to the mountainous area in Northern Vietnam when I worked as a volunteer teacher 3 years ago. It was when my volunteer team came to students’ house to persuade them to attend our summer classes. That question has still lingered in my mind since then, and I want to help them put their trust in an equal and excellent education which can open new doors to their bigger world. Strongly believing in the vision of Teach For Vietnam, I confidently think that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and “Small deeds can make a big difference”.

For the past three years, I have taught English to hundreds of kids and teenagers in Ho Chi Minh city. In addition to English skills, my students have been equipped with soft skills, such as presentation, collaboration and communication, etc. They have become more confident while talking with foreigners. Having come back to Tay Ninh – my hometown, I have been passionate about teaching to children so that they can not only learn English, but also develop their growth mindset. Together with other Fellows, we are determined to make social impact to many people in rural area. I take reading books as my most favorite hobbies. I believe we learn a great deal of valuable things through books.

I had worked in Education field for more than five years since I was a sophomore at National Economics University, Bachelor of Commercial Business Administration. During that period, I realized that either born with advantages or disadvantages, many Vietnamese children are marginalized. I still remembered there was a boy in my class whose father was a security guard for the building where I worked. One day, a classmate figured out about his father’s job and mocked him. The other boy pointed at his face and laughed: “Your father is just a security guard. You shouldn’t be here”. His inadvertently rude words woke me up to a fact: Schools in Vietnam provide children knowledge but fail to teach them kindness. My mind pondered how to raise the awareness of communities towards these facts and how to remove the stereotype that learning English and having access to modern teaching methods are privileges for children in urban areas. And that is the story of how I met Teach For Vietnam.

Thanks to my parents, who always consider education as the priority, I have given many chances to not only pursue my academic career but also explore myself in different ways. I kept having a try on various fields till the day becoming a volunteer English tutor in a non-profit organization, where I had many valuable chances to work with children and teenagers, who have difficult diverse backgrounds and could not go to school as other peers. Two years in this position truly helps me realize the value of education as well as the impact of education on society. Education can definitely help every children find out their own potential no matter what their background is. Therefore, after graduating Master in Law from City University of London and having experience as a legal assistant, I decided to join Teach For Vietnam. I strongly believe that together with the other fellows, we could bring equal opportunity in education to all children in Vietnam.

Develop young leaders from different backgrounds to build a sustainable ecosystem for education.

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