To operate effectively, Teach For Viet Nam always needs to mobilize a significant amount of financial resources, manpower, materials, and even sponsorships for offices and event venues…

Is your organization or you personally looking to contribute to help Teach For Viet Nam access more resources to create a greater positive impact on the country’s education? The fundraising ambassador serves as a bridge to help Teach For Viet Nam access more resources from the community through fundraising ideas proposed by you.

Everyone can start their own
fundraising campaign

You and your organization can always contribute to Teach For Viet Nam through your own fundraising campaigns initiated by your expertise, creativity, and unique strengths.

Organizing workshops, events, or classes

Allocating a percentage of revenue, auctioning books or artworks

Sharing information and inspiring friends and family to participate in campaigns

Selling fashion clothing

Hosting a gala dinner

Fundraising through special occasions

Start your fundraising campaign today!

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Fundraising Ambassador for Teach For Viet Nam

Partnership with Teach For Viet Nam

to create opportunities for the maximum development of every child through transforming and improving the education system.

Become a Fellow

Participate in teaching and co-create a comprehensive and equitable education system for all Vietnamese children.

Donate and
Make Impact

With every 300,000 VND, you will help 30 students in border areas and underprivileged regions learn English, STEM, and leadership.


Collaborate on community-focused programs aimed at educational development and implementing CSR programs for the community.


Apply for positions at Teaching for Vietnam to advance your career and positively impact the nation’s education.