Leadership Development Fellowship

Application form for 8th cohort (2024 – 2026) is now open!


The Leadership Development Fellowship program is a search and development initiative for young professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds. Participants undergo a 6 – 8-week training and then engage in teaching and community projects at public schools (Quang Nam, Dong Thap,…) for 2 years to develop long-term solutions and build a sustainable educational ecosystem.

Joining the Leadership Development Fellowship, participants work full-time with salary, benefits, and global recognition through the Teach For All network.

The extracurricular classes teaching by the Fellows will equip students with 3 competencies:

1. Academic Competencies:

    • English and 21st-century skills 
    • STEM
    • Entrepreneurship education

2. 21st-century skills:

    • Communication skills
    • Collaboration skills
    • Creativity skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Critical thinking

3. Self and Community Understanding:

      • Self-pride and roots appreciation
      • Connectivity with natural & social environments
      • Empathy and community action

    Special features of the program

    Recruitment across various fields/professions

    Implementation of
    community projects locally

    Teaching at public schools

    Salary and benefits

    Full-time commitment for 2 years

    Why should you join Leadership Development Fellowship?

    Join a global Alumni network

    You will become a part of the global alumni network of Teach For All, individuals who are collectively shaping solutions towards a sustainable ecosystem for all children.

    Contribute to developing change catalysts

    You will become a teacher, regardless of your background, working to create positive impacts and ignite dreams in your own students. Also, you will participate in shaping solutions to address challenges at various levels: in the classroom, school, community, and policy.

    Professional development in the field of Education

    The program is an unique opportunity for you to gain teaching experience and practical insights into the public education system. It will also provide conditions for you to work with various stakeholders in the education field, thereby shaping a systemic perspective on educational solutions.

    Leadership capacity

    The program is an opportunity for you to experience diverse job areas and challenging work environments. It is also a chance for you to develop valuable leadership skills that can be transferred and applied to any career path.

    Fellowship Journey

    Semester I
    Year 1
    Semester II
    Year 1
    SummerSemester I
    Year 2
    Semester II
    Year 2
    Working with the Department of Education and Training
    Implementing major projects of TFV
    Initiating community projects

    Before the Program

    Summer Institute
    A two-month intensive training program providing fundamental knowledge on teaching, community development, and the educational landscape in Vietnam.

    Summer School
    A teaching internship for elementary and middle school students in a summer program before officially starting teaching in the academic year.

    During the Program

    Learning Circles
    Learning spaces for sharing, where members take turns leading discussions on a topic they are knowledgeable about for the organization’s remaining members.

    1:1 Conversation
    Sessions between Program members and the management team aiming to guide and support individuals throughout their work.

    Training Workshops
    Specialized training activities focusing on teaching skills and leadership capabilities.

    Connecting members with experts in various fields to support their long-term career plans.

    Alumni Buddies
    Connecting new members with those who have participated in previous TFV or Teach For All programs for discussions and support in TFV-related work and long-term career plans.

    Salary and Benefits

    Before the Program

    Selection Process
    Application Form – Role-play – Interview

    Summer Institute and Summer School
    Accommodation and transportation to the Institute will be covered. Additionally, a training allowance and lunch stipend will be provided during this training period.

    During the Program

    Salary & Benefits
    8,100,000 VND (including salary, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance)

    Professional Development Support
    Financial support will be provided for necessary teaching certification exams to meet the requirements for becoming a teacher.

    Meet our Fellows!

    In addition to teaching, what other activities does the Program offer?

    Beyond conducting teaching activities in public schools, the Leadership Development Fellowship program also provides you with the opportunity to craft long-term solutions for education by proposing and organizing community projects at the local level.

    To participate in the Program, do I need teaching experience?

    You don’t necessarily need prior teaching experience to join the program. Participants come from various backgrounds, and most have not taught before joining. Throughout the training sessions, the program equips you with the necessary knowledge and pedagogical skills for teaching purposes.

    Can I apply even without a Bachelor's degree?

    Yes, you can absolutely apply and supplement your Bachelor’s degree by July of the application year if you become an official fellow of the Leadership Development Fellowship program.

    Can I choose the location to participate in the Program?

    Unfortunately, you cannot select the location when joining the program. The Leadership Development Fellowship program is deployed in locations chosen by Teach For Viet Nam (TFV) based on criteria such as student and teacher needs, indices of Governance and Public Administration, and various other criteria. If you agree to participate in the program, you should be prepared to move to the assigned location. Throughout the recruitment process, the program team is always available to share teaching and living experiences in the designated area with you.

    I am currently studying/working abroad. Do I need to be present in Vietnam to apply?

    No, but you’ll need to be in Vietnam before the Summer Institute if you are selected for the Leadership Development Fellowship program.

    Will l receive training and how will it be conducted before the Program starts?

    Members of the program will commence their journey with a two-month training on pedagogical skills and practices, divided into two phases: Expert-led Training and Teaching Practicum under Expert Supervision.

    The training program consists of three main orientations:

    • Subject Matter: Training in teaching subjects, curriculum planning, classroom management, educational psychology, and other subject-specific pedagogical aspects to meet the teaching requirements.
    • Leadership Skill Group: Organization, problem-solving, project management, inspiration, strategy development, and implementation, among others.
    • Teach For Viet Nam and Teach For All Development Models: Strategic alignment, vision and mission, impact models.

    Each member will have a mentor from the Program Management Team. This person will guide you in aligning your work and activities over the two years. Additionally, you’ll receive training and support from experts at Teach For Viet Nam.

    Partnership with Teach For Viet Nam

    to create opportunities for the maximum development of every child through transforming and improving the education system.

    Become a Fellow

    Participate in teaching and co-create a comprehensive and equitable education system for all Vietnamese children.

    Donate and
    Make Impact

    With every 300,000 VND, you will help 1 student in border, rural areas learn English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship education in 1 month.


    Collaborate on community-focused programs aimed at educational development and implementing CSR programs for the community.


    Apply for positions at Teaching for Vietnam to advance your career and positively impact the nation’s education.