Teach For Vietnam (TFV) is striving to minimize inequality, promote equity, and elevate the quality of education for all Vietnamese children through the Leadership Development Program. This program seeks and develops young individuals from diverse backgrounds who, after training, will teach and execute projects in public schools for two years.

We’re seeking members who have a desire to contribute to education, possess a growth mindset, and view each individual’s differences as contributing factors to collective leadership spirit. TFV values continuous learning, optimism, mutual support, diversity, global awareness, and local understanding.

Working at TFV provides an ideal environment for candidates seeking a friendly workplace that offers opportunities for learning, development, and profound humanistic values.



“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”

African proverb

Career Opportunities

There are currently no jobs posted.

You can also apply yourself by sending your CV and Cover Letter to the address people@teachforvietnam.org

Frequently asked:

What positions does TFV typically recruit for?

TFV typically recruits for roles in program development, communications, fundraising, operations, etc.

How to know if TFV is hiring?

You can stay updated on job postings by visiting TFV’s website and our social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn).

What are the salary and benefits at TFV like?

As a non-profit organization, TFV ensures salaries and benefits are commensurate with job nature, work experience, living standards, and comply with Vietnamese legal regulations on insurance.

What kind of skills are required for TFV positions?

TFV seeks members with appropriate professional skills for their positions. Additionally, TFV members need a shared desire to contribute to education, confidence in their abilities to tackle unfamiliar challenges, and a commitment to continuous personal and collaborative development.

What self-development opportunities does TFV offer?

The self-development opportunities at TFV are diverse and enriching. TFV provides an environment suitable for those who wish to grow in the field of education and community engagement: opportunities for training, project execution, networking with experts locally and internationally, and connecting with individuals sharing similar interests and expertise.

Đồng hành cùng Teach For Viet Nam

để tạo cơ hội phát triển tối đa tiềm năng cho mọi trẻ em thông qua kiến tạo nền giáo dục đổi mới và hoàn thiện.

Become a Fellow

Participate in teaching and co-create a comprehensive and equitable education system for all Vietnamese children.

Donate and Make Impact

With every 300,000 VND, you will help 1 student in border, rural areas learn English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship education in 1 month

Community Development

Collaborate on community-focused programs aimed at educational development and implementing CSR programs for the community.

Career Development

Apply for positions at Teaching for Vietnam to advance your career and positively impact the nation's education