Mỗi trẻ em đều xứng đáng có cơ hội để phát triển tối đa tiềm năng bản thân. Tuy nhiên, những hạn chế trong hệ thống giáo dục đang giới hạn cơ hội phát triển của trẻ.

Each and every child should have the chance to reach their highest potential in development. Unfortunately, the existing limitations within the education system are inhibiting children’s opportunities for growth.

Devoiding of
128.253 teachers

Inequality in educational opportunities

24% of children under 15 drop out of school to enter the labor force

All children deserve to receive
a quality education

Teach For Viet Nam is:

A non-profit organization operates with the mission to seek and develop a network of pioneering educators, individuals who will teach and collaboratively create an equitable and quality education system for all Vietnamese children.

The impact of our actions










public schools



Partnering with Teaching for Vietnam

to create opportunities for the maximum development of every child through transforming and improving the education system.

Become a Fellow

Participate in teaching and co-create a comprehensive and equitable education system for all Vietnamese children.

Donate and Make Impact

With every 300,000 VND, you will help 30 students in border areas and underprivileged regions learn English, STEM, and leadership.

Community Development

Collaborate on community-focused programs aimed at educational development and implementing CSR programs for the community.

Career Development

Apply for positions at Teaching for Vietnam to advance your career and positively impact the nation’s education

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