Giảng Dạy Vì Việt Nam – Teach For Viet Nam (TFV) was established in 2016 as a non-profit organization in Vietnam focused on education. It is an independent partner of the global education network Teach For All.

TFVseeks and develops fellows from diverse fields, equipping them with necessary skills in teaching, leadership, and placing them to work for two years in public schools in rural areas nationwide.

Fellows and TFV‘s not only teach but also work closely with schools, parents, and local authorities to build leadership capacity and propose solutions tailored to each locality’s issues. Because we believe, by understanding teachers’ perspectives, local issues, and the system’s story; individuals will be strong enough to become change agents, connecting all the pieces in the education puzzle, inspiring young learners and the teacher community. From there, they spread positive impacts to every classroom and region.

To date, TFV has developed 82 fellows, teaching subjects like English, STEM and Entrepreneurship education in 111 schools across Tay Ninh, Quang Nam, and Dong Thap provinces, positively impacting over 36.000+ students, 3000+ teachers and 2000+ parents.

Our goal by 2030 is to develop 10.000 fellows to to contribute to shaping a comprehensive education system for all Vietnamese children.


All children in Vietnam will attain an excellent education


To recruit and develop a nationwide network of pioneering educators, who teach and lead with commitment to equity and quality education for all children in Vietnam.

Core values

Positive mindset

Continuous learning

Locally rooted, globally informed

Diversity and inclusivity

Mutual support

Partnership with Teach For Viet Nam

to create opportunities for the maximum development of every child through transforming and improving the education system.

Become a Fellow

Participate in teaching and co-create a comprehensive and equitable education system for all Vietnamese children.

Donate and Make Impact

With every 300,000 VND, you will help 1 student in border, rural areas learn English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship education in 1 month

Community Development

Collaborate on community-focused programs aimed at educational development and implementing CSR programs for the community.

Career Development

Apply for positions at Teaching for Vietnam to advance your career and positively impact the nation's education