Kết nối bước chạy, kiến tạo tương lai

Run For Education is a campaign aimed at promoting personal health care and uniting the sports community with a passion for education. Through this initiative, Teach For Vietnam (TFV) aims to raise a fund of 2 billion VND from individuals and businesses to support the enhancement of education for over 4,000 students across 15 public schools in Quang Nam and Dong Thap provinces. The goal is to introduce English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship Education to these students.

With just 300,000 VND, you can join Run For Education. Not only will you enhance your health, but you’ll also support a class of 30 students in border areas facing challenges in Dong Thap and Quang Nam to learn English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship for one month.

Let’s connect steps and help shape the future for the children of Vietnam!


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Why should you join?

“Connect steps, create the future”

Currently, most children in Vietnam have access to full education and exposure to science and technology from an early age. However, for children in rural and remote areas, gaining exposure to subjects like English, STEM, entrepreneurship, and others remains a significant concern.

Teach For Vietnam is diligently working to promote equity and enhance the quality of education for every child in Vietnam through Leadership Development Program. The program seeks and develops fellows to teach and execute projects in rural areas for two years. All proceeds from ticket sales and fundraising through the Run For Education event will be contributed to this program, continuing to shape an improved education for over 4,000 students across 15 public schools in border areas of Quang Nam and Dong Thap, introducing them to English, STEM, and Entrepreneurship.

Participating in Run For Education means not only running for fitness but also bringing invaluable contributions to the innovative education landscape in Vietnam’s rural areas.

Together, we can spread love and inspiration through each stride. We’re not just investing in education, but also investing in a brighter future, laying the foundation for sustainable societal development.

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What do the community speak about us:

Mr. Pham Thinh Hung

Mr. Pham Thinh Hung

Head of Education Department, Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh

“After a year, the students’ outcomes are more dynamic. The educational teaching methods at Teach For Vietnam in the classes are liked and agreed upon by parents, students, and the community.”

Mr. Tran Van Thanh

Mr. Tran Van Thanh

Education Specialist, Tan Chau District

“Teach For Vietnam brings a team of passionate and capable young individuals. I’m ready to support and implement alongside them.”

Takashi Nishikuma

Takashi Nishikuma

CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam, strategic partner in Teach For Vietnam's corporate social activities

“Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam has been supporting Teach For Vietnam in previous projects, and we are honored to continue contributing to this journey. We believe students will have the opportunity to develop, utilize their abilities, and contribute to their communities.”

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