Major: International Business Economics University: Foreign Trade University Quote: “The highest result of education is tolerance” After a long time of self-observing and thinking, I find out my life’s meaning is contributing to build Vietnamese Education which nurtures well-being and free people. In other words, they can connect to themselves, to others, make decisions independently, challenge their thinking continuously and respect diversity. To achieve that, education needs to help students develop thinking, social-emotional learning (SEL) and shape their identities. Schools and families should be a safe environment for students to explore freely new challenges, experience failure, speak confidently their perspectives, aware themself, choose who they want to be, and determine to achieve goals in their lives. Moreover, I want to impact on students by working in state schools, working with local government and living in their communities. As a result, I joined LDF as the first step to implement my journey with education.

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Với mỗi 300.000đ bạn sẽ giúp 1 em học sinh ở vùng biên giới, khó khăn được học tiếng Anh, STEM và Giáo dục khởi nghiệp trong 1 tháng

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