I had worked in Education field for more than five years since I was a sophomore at National Economics University, Bachelor of Commercial Business Administration. During that period, I realized that either born with advantages or disadvantages, many Vietnamese children are marginalized. I still remembered there was a boy in my class whose father was a security guard for the building where I worked. One day, a classmate figured out about his father’s job and mocked him. The other boy pointed at his face and laughed: “Your father is just a security guard. You shouldn’t be here”. His inadvertently rude words woke me up to a fact: Schools in Vietnam provide children knowledge but fail to teach them kindness. My mind pondered how to raise the awareness of communities towards these facts and how to remove the stereotype that learning English and having access to modern teaching methods are privileges for children in urban areas. And that is the story of how I met Teach For Viet Nam.

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